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09 March 2013 @ 05:15 pm
After four heats, tonight sees the final of Melodifestivalen final in which Sweden will choose an act to send forth to the Eurovision song contest. This year's Melodifestivalen has been a bit of a mixed bag with Army of Lovers proving to be a hot mess and a gentleman with a perv-tache and flaming piano emerging as a hot favourite.

I'm not sure if anything can top the surprise appearance by Alcazar who performed a medley of their past Melodifestivalen entries in the final heat, aided by one Danny Saucedo. They highlighted just how lacklustre this year's contest has been and also managed to recycle some 1989 Big Fun tour costumes in the process. I wish YouTube had a loop option because my mouse-clicking finger is worn down from pressing "play again".

Loreen's win in Azerbaijan has caused the emergence of all manner of pop-trance anthems vying for Eurovision success. Cascada (representing Germany) are probably the biggest offenders; their Glorious is a shameless rip-off of last year's winner. Even the title sounds similar. I had an unpleasant experience with Cascada recently so I won't be cheering them on in Malmö but I have to admire the brass neck of them performing their Lidl brand Euphoria a couple of weeks ago while Loreen herself was waiting to occupy the same stage.

Ireland's attempt to keep a finger firmly on the pulse has resulted in the elbowing of Jedward in favour of something that sounds like a 1998 Tina Cousins b-side. At this rate, we'll be sending a Gangnam Style abombination in 2037. I'm not fussed about what's fashionable or not so I'll be waving a tricolour when Ryan Dolan takes to the stage in May. let's hope that more than love survives!